EFA    English For All
                     English For All is a small language school which is tucked away in a quiet residential area of Bangna.
e school itself has been open for around 12 years, and it has a good reputation due to the English teachers
          and  Thai staff, who care about the students' on-going education.
                   We cater for all age groups and levels form Young Learners to Adults. The youngest age of our pupils  is
          4 years old, and the manageable class sizes of 13 students mean that the teachers can use a broad range of
          activities to keep the classes fun yet educational. We also offer classes such as
IELTS for students wishing to get           accepted into overseas universities, and  our pupils have a great success rate 
due to the test techniques they learn.           In addition , we offer general courses for adults, and business courses for Thai  professionals. We tailor our           courses for your specific needs, so if it's English for travelling, for writing e-mails or for presentation skills our           professional teaching staff sit down with all new students to develop a specific course of study to address           individual  needs. Our main aim is to provide our customers with a first-class service.  
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